So I've put a link on my Userpage, with the title above as the link-text. I just skimmed some of the material, but it's about something I've been in concerned with in any profession, not just law enforcement. When is management to be held responsible for failures to properly train and instruct employees? Especially in government, and law enforcement in particular, the people who actually interact with the public may have done something wrong, but only because their supervisors failed to put forth clear, concise and well-considered guidelines of professional behavior.

Who, then, is to be punished, if anyone? What corrective action is to be taken, and what is the best way to figure it out? Which divisions are in charge of what? Do they consistently communicate with each other? If not, what then? There are far more questions I could ask here, but you get the idea.

As I read the page, I may have more comments, but have you read it yet? It might be worth your time.

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